Myofascial Release

A specialized therapy focusing on stretching and repairing fascia to ease chronic pain and restore mobility, offering a gentler alternative to deep tissue massage for comprehensive healing.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release

Using specific stretching and pulling techniques to stretch and repair the connective tissue between muscle fibers (fascia), this technique gives the benefits of deep massage work to those who do not enjoy the push of deep tissue sessions. This type of session is ideal for treating chronic pain in the back, neck, jaw, etc.

Myofascial Release uses specific techniques to stretch and repair the connective tissue between your muscle fibers (fascia). It helps your body to heal properly from injuries and can help restore range of motion.

How does myofascial release work? Facia is like a casing that holds individual muscle fibers, muscle groups, organs, etc… Fascia is everywhere! And when it's tight or restricted due to dehydration, overuse, injury or just our body's way to protect itself. There are many techniques that can be used to loosen up the fascia. Some of the technique used is scraping with a flat edge tool along the tight area, using little to no oil/cream to better create traction, slowly glide over the tissue and help loosen up the fascia. How does this technique differ from regular massage? Regular massage would concentrate on loosening up the muscle where myofascial technique concentrates on loosening fascia for longer lasting relief.

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