Raindrop Technique (Aromatherapy)

A unique therapy developed by Young Living that combines therapeutic grade essential oils and specialized massage to rejuvenate body and mind, enhance immune function, and relieve muscle tension.

Raindrop Technique (Aromatherapy)

Raindrop Technique (Aromatherapy)

The Raindrop Technique was developed by Young Living Founder D. Gary Young in 1989. This technique brings balance and harmony, rejuvenating body and mind.

Applied to the feet and spine, Incorporating Nine Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils in a specific order using Vita Flex and Feather Stroking Massage Techniques. Young Living essential oils are dropped onto your body from short distance to imitate the feeling of raindrops, and the scent of the oils refreshes your mind during the session. Feather stroking is a fingertip style massage using very light touch to calm and relax the body throughout the session.

Raindrop Therapy uses a layering process using these oils in a specific order and on a cellular level stimulates every organ, muscle and bone in the body.

This technique may strengthen your immune system, loosen muscle tension, and improve circulation in the body, all while being extraordinarily therapeutic and relaxing for the mind.

List of oils used and their benefit: 1. Oregano- cleanses the body and combats free radicals; 2. Thyme - Aids mental and physical recovery; 3. Basil - Muscle relaxer/reduces inflammation; 4. Cypres - Increases circulation/reduces swelling; 5. Wintergreen - Relieves painful joints and bones; 6. Marjoram - relaxes stressed muscles and soothes nerves; 7. Peppermint - Amplifies the effects of oils in the body; 8. Aroma Siez - Detox the lymph system, muscle recovery, circulation; 9. Valor - Aligns and balances the body, often referred to as: ¨ Chiropractor in the bottle´

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